Decadent Nation

Mojos Presents

Decadent Nation

From Skies of Fire, Dead Bed Bad

Fri, May 3, 2013

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm


This event is all ages

MINORS: Please be prepared to pay a $2 surcharge at the door in addition to the purchase price of the ticket.

Decadent Nation
Decadent Nation
Burning in the underground of modern music lies Decadent Nation. Since 2005, the group has charted a course of their own, touring nationwide and sharing the stage with the likes of Les Claypool, Three Days Grace, Candlebox and Chevelle. After two EPs and the release of their critically acclaimed 2010 full-length album So There Will Be No Doubt, DN embarked on a tour of military bases across the U.S. The group has even performed a handful of socio-politically themed guerilla concerts along the way. Entering into 2012, the band has begun work on their follow-up album titled Fortaleza. DN promises the effort to be “a collection of songs that would make seventies Rock Gods proud.”

DN has a wide range of influences. Their sound infuses the sounds of rock, metal, reggae and folk music. Their live show is epic to say the least. The band pushes the envelope show after show, bringing out the beast in all who are present, with epic guitar solos and visceral stage performance, DN leaves the crowd begging for more on a nightly basis.
From Skies of Fire
From Skies of Fire
An Evolving culmination of musicians who enjoy music, silly putty and Planter's Peanuts.
Dead Bed Bad
Dead Bed Bad
Hello everyone. We are DEAD BED BAD. We are a group of musicians/artists lumbering along in Middle-America where everything is only as it seems on Television. Our intention is to bring you music that you can identify with and enjoy whenever and wherever you please. We've begun to record our first full length album entitled FIRE & WATER. On our facebook page and our blog (zeros and ones) we'll be releasing various tidbits revolving around the recording of the album.
In the band and on the album are: Jack Gue (voice/guitar), Lexi Schmidt (cello/voice/keys), Craig Wingate (drums/percussion), Brent Maness (acoustic gtr). Adam Voight (bass). Other friends of the band will frequent the album and live shows including Casey Maddox (artist/tattooer/singer/songwriter) and Gary Spencer (drummer/songwriter/artist) and more.
On this site you can expect to find mention of upcoming shows/tour dates, photos from various things, videos from various things, news blips, and artwork brought to you by Casey Maddox (album artwork coming soon). Also, various photographers, with whom We've become acquainted and enjoy their work, will be showcased on this site.
The recording of DIVE is taking place at The Meth Lab in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. Yes, litterally out in the sticks. Jack is engineering and producing. Mixing will be handled by a variety of talents in that field and we've yet to decide on a mastering guru.
Venue Information:
Rose Music Hall
1013 Park Ave.
Columbia, MO, 65201